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Floor handmade carpet tile project in Qatar, Doha OASIS amusement park
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Mosque decoration
Design, manufacture and installation of Iranian handmade swimming pool tiles.
Painting on tiles
Islamic Calligraphy on tiles for Mosque decoration.
Carpet tile
Handmade tile installation
Design development of tile panels to suit customer dimension
Tile grades 1, 2 & 3
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Design and manufacture of Islamic decorative clay and ceramic pot, vase, ...
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  Moarragh tile, mosque tile decoration, www.eitile.com Mogharnas / Moqarnas tile, mosque tile decoration, www.eitile.com Seven color tile, haftrang tile, polychromic tile, www.eitile.com


Erfan International Tile Company

Erfan International Tile Company LTD started in 1954 and now after more than half a century still produces the best quality of Iranian artistic tile panels for wall and ceiling, and ceramic panels for floor decoration. All our products are made by hand and there is no machine in our workshops. We are a team of 3 designers, 2 calligraphers, 46 experienced employees for manufacturing and installation part, a marketing manager and the CEO.

Over the years we have been carrying out projects for more than 200 well-known construction and interior design companies inside and outside Iran. Our tile works are spread among mosques, universities, hospitals, hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, coffee shops, palace of kings (read more...)

Please have a look at our FAQs for your more information. Also feel free to ask your questions via our contact information.



 Click below links for Erfan Internatonal Tile company's mosque Islamic decoration samples:

Mosque Decoration, Mosque Ceramic Tile, Mosque Calligraphy, Mosque Interior & Exterior Design

Mosque Decora...
Interior Design
Exterior Design
Entrance Door
Shabakeh (Screen) 

Mihrab ( Minbar )
Column ( Pillar )
Pich (Ceramic Rope Tile)
 & Piches / Columns Stones


We design, manufacture and install:         

- Moarragh (Normal & 3D) Tile
Mogharnas Tile
Moagheli Tile
Gereh Tile
Rasmi Tile
Especial Seven Color Tile        
Golden Color Tile
- Islamic Decorative Items




With below options:

- Golden color or normal colors
- Any shape, design & thickness
- Nano waterproof or normal
- Nano non-scratch or normal
- Nano anti UV or normal
- Nano free freezing or normal
- Nano anti fungi or normal
- For wall, floor, ceiling, ...



All around the world including: 

- Asia
- Africa
- America (North & South)
- Europe
- Australia

For places such as:

- Mosques (Click to see Mosque Decoration)
- Churches
- Palaces

- Universities
- Hospitals (
Click to see the sample)
- Museums
- Libraries (
Click to see the sample)
- Private Houses (
Click to see the sample)
- Cinemas
- Stadiums
- Hotels
- Swimming Pools
(Click to see the sample)
- Villas ,... (
Click to see the sample)




Click to see our work / projects history throughout the world, www.eitile.com

Please contact us through Whatsapp.

 Global Support:   +98 913 1285145

 Email:                   info@eitile.com


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 Handmade tile frames, to see more options please click on the below pictures:

Iranian handmade tile frames, www.eitile.com


Most popular tile patterns, to see more options please click on the below pictures:

 Popular tile patterns, www.eitile.com 



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