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New Dome Design for This Century .......... Nano Reactive Coating, Using Nano Technology to waterproof, non scratch, and anti UV our tiles
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Especial Golden Tile
Mosque decoration
Especial seven color tile
Moagheli Tile Work
Swimming pool ceramic tile decoration
Especial tile work on the ceiling of a big shrine in Esfahan - Iran.
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Traditional decorative ceramic / tile
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About Erfan International Tile Company :

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a reputed manufacturer and exporter of special hand made tiles / ceramics in Iran. ERFAN INTERNATIONAL TILE company started to work on 1954 and now after more than half a century still produces the best quality of Iranian artistic tiles / ceramics. We have 60 years long experience of handmade tile / ceramic works. We have wide range of Moarragh, Moagheli, Mogharnas, Rasmi, Gereh and Especial Seven Color tiles / ceramics. We have also long experiences of exporting to the world's market and currently we are exporting our arts to more than 25 countries. All EITILE products are made by hand and there is no machine in its workshops. Designing, Manufacturing and installing of tiles / ceramics are three main part of EITILE activities. EITILE has a team of 3 expert designers, a team of 45 experienced employees on manufacturing part, and a team of 26 well trained employees for Installation part. EITILE works are spread among most mosques, shrines ,museums, universities, hospitals, palace of the kings and ... in the world. Another main part of EITILE activities is repairing and reconstructing the tiles / ceramics of the old and historical buildings. EITILE Company is member of the Iran chamber of commerce under register license membership ID: 1026061988... in private ownership. Also we have UNESCO award of excellence in handmade ceramic tile.



Ghasem foroughi, Erfan International Tile Design Manager, www.eitile.com


Ali Akbar Salehi, Erfan International Tile Co. CEO, www.eitile.com

Ahmad Foroughi, Moarragh and Moghaarnas tile manufacture manager, www.eitile.com

Akbar Ghazavi, Seven color tile manufacture manager, www.eitile.com

Gholamali Kazemi, Tile Installation Manager, www.eitile.com



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Please check our work history (since 1954) here.

You can find our company's CV here.

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