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Mosque decoration
Here you can find special hand painted tile panel works. These works are artistic and unique.
Design, manufacture and installation of Iranian handmade swimming pool tiles.
Painting on tiles
Islamic Calligraphy on tiles for Mosque decoration.
Carpet tile
Handmade tile installation
Design development of tile panels to suit customer dimension
Tile grades 1, 2 & 3
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Design and manufacture of Islamic decorative clay and ceramic pot, vase, ...
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   Especial 7 Color tiles ------ (S T/C)

Persian Especial Seven Color Tiles, www.eitile.com

Especial Seven Color Tiles

Especial Seven-Color Tile / Ceramics (Polychromic tile, haftrang tile, hand painted tile) is usually produced from pieces by sizes 15 * 15 and 20 * 20 centimeter (and in some cases the size customizes in 25 * 45 and 25 * 50 centimeter), also seven color tiles which are used for minaret and dome are 7.5 * 15 or 10 * 20 centimeter in white color. These tiles are put beside each other and the design is engraved on a paper, before that it is copied on a tile by coal powder. The tile is carved by manganese oxide, then it is painted in different colors, but the temperature during the action is lower than the first painting. Then, the tile is moved to the kiln and is prepared for installation.


There are different thicknesses for this type of ceramic tile: 9 mm, 13 mm and 20 mm. In exterior decoration we normally use 13mm and 20 mm thicknesses and for the interior decoration we use 9 mm thickness.


Benefits :

-- Long life time ( more than 50 years )

Our Guarantee :                 

-- 50 years


 Islamic handmade tiles with Quran verses calligraphy, www.eitile.com

 Persian ceramic tiles with women painting, www.eitile.com

Designing handmade tiles, www.eitile.com

Persian seven color tiles, www.eitile.com

Especial seven color tiles, www.eitile.com

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Iranian Persian handmade ceramic tiles for floor decoration, www.eitile.com

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