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Nano Reactive Coating, Using Nano Technology to waterproof, non scratch, and anti UV our tiles
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Especial Golden Tile
Mosque decoration
Carpet tile
Swimming pool ceramic tile decoration
Moagheli Tile Work
Especial tile work on the ceiling of a big shrine in Esfahan - Iran.
Especial seven color tile
Artistic clay tile
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- Iran, Isfahan: Reconstruction of Imam Mosque. (Under dome and Right Minaret, Moarragh Work)

- Iran, Isfahan:
Abol Abbas Shrine. (Moarragh, Moagheli, Mogharnas and Gereh Work)

- Iran, Isfahan:
Reconstruction of Chaharbagh School Mosque (Moarragh and Moagheli Work)

- Iran, Isfahan:
Imam Ali Library. (Moarragh Work)

- Iran, Isfahan:
Imam Hasan Mosque. (Moarragh and Moagheli Work)

- Iran, Isfahan:
Mosabn e Jafar Mosque. (Seven Color Tile and Mogharnas Work)

- Iran, Isfahan:
Zeynol Abedin Mosque. (Seven Color and Rasmi Work)

- Iran, Isfahan:
Hojjat or Kakh Mosque. (Moarragh, Mogharnas, Rasmi and Gereh Work)

- Iran, Isfahan:
Shahzadeh Ibrahim Shrine / Ibrahim ebn e Mosabn e Jafar. (Seven Color Work)

- Iran, Khur:
Jonaid Shrine. (Seven Color and Moarragh Work)

- Iran, Ashtarjan:
Reconstruction of Jameh Mosque. (Entrance Door Ceiling, Tile and Brick Mogharnas Work)

- Iran, Tehran:
Reconstruction of Golestan Palace. (Hall Ceiling and Outside Wall, Moagheli Work and Seven Color)

- Iran, Yazd:
Reconstruction of Jameh Mosque. (Dome)

- Iran, Tabriz:
Reconstruction of Blue Mosque - Masjed e Kabud - (Interior parts)

- Iran, Shiraz:
Shah Cheragh Shrine (Moarragh, Mogharnas and Moagheli Work)

- Iran, Gorgan:
Golshan Mosque & Ghaem Mosque (Moarragh, Mogharnas, Rasmi Work)

- Iran, Deylam Sea Port:
Elahiyeh Mosque (Moarragh Work)

- Iran, Ahvaz:
Ali ebn e Mahziyar Shrine (Moarragh Work)

- Iraq, Karbala:
Imam Hussain Shrine (Moarragh, Mogharnas, Rasmi and Gereh Work)

Iraq, Kufa: Al-Sahlah Mosque (Moarragh & Mogharnas on ceiling) 

- Oman, Muscat:
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque (Moarragh Work)

- Oman, Muscat:
Sultan Qaboos Palace, Bait Al Barakah (Moarragh Work)

- Oman, Muscat:
Sultan Qaboos Palace, Ghasrol Alam (Moarragh Work)

- Oman, Muscat:
Majlis in Ghasrol Alam Palace (Moarragh Work)

- Oman, Muscat:
Women Mosque (Seven Color Tile)

- Oman, Salalah:
Sultan Qaboos Palace, Bait Al Mamurah (Moarragh Work)

- Oman, Nizwa:
Sultan Qaboos Palace, Husn Al Shumookh (Moarragh Work)

- Oman, Sohar:
Sultan Qaboos Palace, Bait Al Bahjat Al Andaar (Moarragh Work)

- UAE, Dubai:
Royal Swimming Pool (Moarragh Work)

- Egypt:
Bait Al Safiyah Palace (Seven Color Tile Work)
- Germany, Humburg:
Imam Ali Mosque (Moarragh Work)

- Syria, Damascus:
Iran Embassy Entrance Door (Moarragh Work)

- Syria, Damascus:
Reconstruction of Bibi Ruqayah Shrine (Moarragh Work)

- UK, Leeds:
Private Villa (Seven Color Work)

- Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur:
Private Musume (Moarragh Work)

- Kuwait, Kuwait City:
Iran Embassy (Moarragh): This project was given to another company, but our artists worked there.

- Lebanon, Chiyah:
Imam Ali Mosque (Moarragh Work)

- Saudi Arabia, Medina:
Private Villa (Seven Color Work)

- Russia, Barnaul:
Private Swimming Pool (Moarragh Work)



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