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Especial Golden Tile
Mosque decoration
Carpet tile
Swimming pool ceramic tile decoration
Moagheli Tile Work
Especial tile work on the ceiling of a big shrine in Esfahan - Iran.
Especial seven color tile
Artistic clay tile
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   Egypt Bai AS Project ----------2009
A very big panel that EITILE manufactured for Egypt project in 2009. Since only manufacturing part had done by EITILE Company, there is no picture of this panel after installation. The style for this panel is Especial Seven Color tile (S T/C) and the design is Egyptian design and done by Egyptian designers.

Seven Color Ceramic Tile Panel for Egypt, www.eitile.com

Seven Color Tile, Polychromic Tile, Handmade Tile, Hand Painted Tile, www.eitile.com

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