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Floor handmade carpet tile project in Qatar, Doha OASIS amusement park .......... Wall decorative handmade tile panels in Oman HM palace in Sohar
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Mosque decoration
Design, manufacture and installation of Iranian handmade swimming pool tiles.
Painting on tiles
Islamic Calligraphy on tiles for Mosque decoration.
Carpet tile
Handmade tile installation
Tile grades 1, 2 & 3
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Erfan International Tile Catalogue

Eitile certifications


Eitile certifications on manufacturing Poly-chromic handmade tile and also on utilizing nano materials on our tiles to be waterproof or water-resistant to be used for swimming pools and high humidity areas.


Erfan International Tile, Poly-chromic Tile Manufacturing Certification

Seven color tile manufacturing certification, www.eitile.com



EITILE Special Nano Certification on Handmade Ceramic Tiles

Eitile Nano Certification for Handmade Tile to be waterproof, www.eitile.com


International SME development workshop

SME Certification, www.eitile.com

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